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Looking after your feet is just as vital as looking after any other organs, like teeth, eyes etc. It is quoted that during  your lifetime, your feet could walk the equivalent of four times around the World! To make sure that your feet stay fit, you need to look after them, keeping them clean, well supported and free from any ailments.


The cause of feet problems can manifest in many forms. For example, ill-fitting shoes could result in corns, callous and hammer toes causing not only pain but also damage to your feet.  Further, such problems can negatively affect stamina as well as your overall health. At our welcoming clinic we manage your symptoms individually and provide effective treatments and diagnosis.


Your feet take punishment everyday

If you are unable to visit  us,  our caring professionals will offer you services at the comfort and convenience of your home.


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Comprehensive range of services for your foot health

• Ankle pain and ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia, Mortons Neuroma)  

• Athlete's foot  

• Bacterial infections

• Bespoke orthotics  

• Biomechanical assessment for adults and children Flat feet (Pronating feet)

• Blisters  

• Calluses  

• Corns  

• Diabetic foot care  

• Fungal nails  

• General podiatry treatment  

• Highly arched feet (Pes Cavus) & Painful feet Heel pain (Planter Fasciitis).  

• In-grown nail surgery under local anaesthesia.  

• In-grown toe nails

• In-toeing and out-toeing gait problems

• Poor circulatory problems

• Rheumatoid arthritic feet  

• Skin conditions: Fungal infections such as Athletes foot (Tinea Pedis)

• Split and cracked heels

• Sweaty feet & Dry feet

• Thickened nails  

• Ulcerated feet  

• Verrucae (Warts)